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about me

Hey, I’m Maahir – a keen problem solver and computer geek, I enjoy all things math. The intricate world fascinates me, and I love learning something new, especially when it induces an “aha!” moment. Besides, I’m a chess fanatic with a passion for AI, hoping to leverage my technological and mathematical skills to bring about fresh insight in our ever-changing ecosystem!




Integrating 20 learning strategies from educational psychology, WinNow serves to maximise student productivity and ease the management of tasks. Its user-friendly interface offers a simple and accessible setting for self-directed learning, which aims to strike a balance between work and relaxation.

I received 2nd place for my research on the effectiveness of study techniques in the STEM Fellowship’s Scholarly Writing Challenge, which prompted the creation of this application that implements my findings. Drawing from several components of my research, I identified the following 20 features to significantly enhance learning. 

  1. Timer
  2. Spontaneous thought journal
  3. The Feynman Technique
  4. Learning from Mistakes
  5. Setting Resistance
  6. Link Page
  7. The Peak Productivity Period
  8. Memory Palace
  9. Fitness Reminder
  10. To-Do List
  1. Feedback
  2. Spaced Repetition
  3. Incremental Targets
  4. Mnemonics
  5. Flash Cards
  6. Relatedness
  7. Research Project Management
  8. Test Record
  9. Learning Progress
  10. Mindmaps

Using technology, the app aims to redefine the educational landscape by empowering the youth towards constructive growth. Ultimately, I hope to facilitate a passion for learning and the pursuit for excellence through the cultivation of a healthy daily routine… Read More


application interface


For further details, you may visit the winnow


An Information Theoretic Analysis of the Shifting Lock Pattern System

The paper is a mathematical analysis of the security of a novel lock pattern system that I developed based on the rearrangement of nodes. In particular, the research explores graph theory, information theory and human computation from the perspective of mobile lock patterns.

academic awards

World Topper in the IGCSE Mathematics Examination

● I achieved a perfect score of 200/200 in the IGCSE Extended Mathematics

Academic Excellence

  • I was awarded the Academic Excellence. award by Dhirubai Ambani international school for consistent and outstanding academic performence.
  • I was awarded the Subject Achievement award in Mathematics and Computer Science for exceptional academic achievement.

Top 9 Education Student Leaders
of India

● I was recognized by the Kids Education Revolution Learning Loop initiative by Teach for India among the top 9 education student leaders of India for my app.

Math Olympiads

● I qualified for AIME with Distinction in the 2021 Fall AMC12 – score of 114/150.
● I achieved Distinction in the Euclid, Hypatia, Fermat and Pascal contests.

Finalist at Google Code to Learn India 2021

● I was recognized as a finalist at the 2021 Google Code to Learn India contest for creating a machine learning
project using Cloud AutoML.


Co-founder, The Future of Everything

The Future of Everything (TFoE) is India’s first teenage think tank, and empowers the youth to discuss the future of pertinent topics and conduct extensive research that formulates into a final report. For further details, you may visit the website. TFoE has also been featured in multiple newspapers, such as The Hindu and The Print